One of the most immediate challenges new parents face is finding an adequate feeding alternative to breastfeeding or common bottles.  Displayed are different cleft palate bottles, nipples, and post-op feeding alternatives.  Feeding information is available here.  Suppliers can be found on our Resources page.  If you have a feeder to add, please contact Milli at
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SpecialNeeds™ Feeder
Formerly known as the Haberman, a slit in the tip of the nipple opens when baby bites on it.  Use the guides on the side of the nipple for slow, medium, and fast flow.  Parent can also help baby suck by squeezing on the nipple.  One way valve prevents build up of negative pressure.
SpecialNeeds™ Nipple/Regular Bottle
Some parents will use the Haberman nipple on a regular bottle as their baby grows and needs more milk in one feeding.  You may have to experiment to find a bottle that won't leak.  Many parents say the inexpensive Evenflo bottles work well.
Mead Johnson Bottle with Nuk Nipple
A very simple and inexpensive set-up is the MJ bottle with a cross cut Nuk orthodontic nipple.  There are no valves or extra pieces.  The sides of the MJ bottle are very soft so the parent can help baby drink by squeezing the bottle.  It takes a little practice to get the squeeze swallow rhythm down.  Some babies can suck from this bottle without help.  The MJ comes from the manufacturer with its own soft, elongated, cross-cut nipple.  Nuk nipples are available at discount department stores in silicone (shown above) and latex.
Mead Johnson Bottle w/ Ross Syringe Nipple
Nipple is very thin so baby cannot suck on it.  Parent must squeeze bottle to help baby eat.  Some teams use this set-up for post-op feeding.  Could also be used for a baby who will not tolerate a nipple in its mouth.
Nuk Cross-Cut Nipple with a Regular Bottle
Babies who can suck may be able to use the Nuk nipple on a regular bottle with little trouble.  Some parents are able to use this setup with their children after
palate repair as babies learn to suck.
Nuk nipples are available at discount department stores in silicone (shown above) and latex.
Pigeon Nipple and Bottle
The Pigeon nipple has Y-cut tip and the plastic one-way valve prevents negative pressure.  One side of the nipple is softer
than the other, so it works when baby presses its tongue against it.  Aim the notch in the nipple at baby's nose for correct feeding.  Many parents like it because it looks more like a regular bottle.  Instructions in English, click here!
Soft-Sipp Feeder
Usually used for post-op feeding.  Valve prevents liquid from coming out unless bottle is squeezed.  Soft-sided bottle is
easy to squeeze.  Valve can also be removed for feeding thin baby foods. May be good for baby who won't tolerate nipple in its mouth.
Pigeon Nipple on Playtex Ventair Bottle
The end of the bottle can be loosened to help prevent nipple collapse.  Because of the angled neck,  you have to mark the nipple collar so when the bottle is put together the notch points to baby's nose.
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Ventair Bottle with Stage 2 Nipple
Some babies are able to suck well enough to use the Ventair bottle with the Ventair Stage 2 nipples.  Nipples have a Y-cut tip and are available at most discount department stores.
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